The Michigan Men in the Civil War-Some Gave All

Soldier's and Sailor's Monument-Detroit

Soldier's and Sailor's Monument-Detroit

From the “History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan”:
“On July 4, 1866, one hundred and twenty-three battle-stained and bullet-marked flags, belonging to Michigan regiments, were formally presented to the State. Many members of the decimated regiments took part in a procession connected with the exercises, and their appearance brought tears to many eyes. They were welcomed by M.I. Mills, the mayor of the city. The flags were presented by General O. B. Willcox, and an address was delivered by Govenor H.H. Crapo; the religious exercises were conducted by Bishop McCoskry and Rev. Dr. Duffield.
The total number of men sent from the State during the war was 90,747, of which Wayne County contributed 9,213, or a little more than one tenth of the whole number, and fully two thirds of those, or over 6,000 were from Detroit.
The number of men lost to the State, as near as can be determined, was as follows: Officers killed, 177; died of wounds, 85; died of disease, 96; total 358. Men killed, 2,643; died of wounds, 1,302; of disease, 10,040; total, 13,985. Whole total, 14,343.
At a war meeting held July 20, 1861, a resolution was adopted to erect a monument to our “heroic dead…”  “On April 9, 1872, the monument was formally unveiled and dedicated with appropriate and imposing ceremonies, which were witnessed by thousands of people from the interior of the State.”
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Detroit's Soldier's and Sailor's Monument-full view

Detroit's Soldier's and Sailor's Monument-full view

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