The Secret – Do You Know?

Karen Giardunio asked:

More than likely, you have heard about the latest sensation sweeping the nation -or the globe for that matter. Oprah Winfrey was so excited about it that she dedicated two shows to it because the response to the first one was so overwhelming that reactions and questions overflowed her website -resulting in the biggest response ever to a single subject in the history of her run on Network T.V. If by some small chance you don’t know what I am talking about, let me back up here.

In 2006 the creator of this world wide phenomenon was “Given the first glimps of a great secret!” Her life was literally falling apart at the seams. Her father died unexpectedly, her personal and professional relationships were suffering and she was at one of the lowest points of her entire life. It was at this time that her daughter Haley gave her a book entitled “The Science of Getting Rich” That had been written in the early 1900s by a man named Wallace Wattles. The book and its contents literally changed her life!

Determined to get the message out she researched its ideas and principles and traced it as far back as the “Jade Tablet” this was an Egyptian Artifact that told of a secret that promised – and more astonishing still, was said to deliver unlimited wealth to any and all who practiced its process! As time went on the Romans got their hands on what they believed was the sacred relic. However, it was not the actual tablet itself, for the real tablet had been buried and someone had merely transferred its duplicate on to a secondary medium unbeknownst to the Roman Empire. It was then said to have been banned by the Roman Catholic Church. As even more time went by, eventually this information found its way back into the mainstream only to be coveted by those who had learned of its potential power and an agreement was then made to not allow its secret to be passed on the the general public. Those who knew the secret wanted to keep it from others -so that they could have more for themselves.

Those who came across “The Secret” by their own means of sheer will and fortitude – became the greatest names in history. Aristotle, Shakespeare, Hugo, Abraham Lincoln, Carnagie and Edison to name just a few…they knew “The Secret”. Now it available to those who wish to implement its principles for control and gain in their own lives. So, you may now be asking “How is this done? As it is explained in the video, there are 3 steps one must fallow to achieve their hearts desire.

Step 1 is first you must Ask. 

Be specific and know exactly what it is you wish to manifest.

Step 2 is you must Believe. 

Believe that what you are asking for is already on its way to you!

Step3 is you will then Receive. 

The idea here is if you are grateful for all you currently have, you can get all you want.

I would suggest that you review the video for yourself and draw your own conclusions, but keep in mind that this whole idea governs around “The Law of Attraction”. Science itself it seems is behind Einsteins question “Is the Universe friendly to our desires?”. Think about it for a minute…why would someone as brilliant as Einstein suggest such a thing? Why do two of the leading experts in the field of Quantum Physics lend their support to this concept -in not only this film, but they and many others also appear in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?” The understanding of how “What we think about…we bring about!” has suddenly become a key factor of debate within the Scientific Community.

According to “The Secret”, our attention and our thoughts put us in line with a certain “Channel” or “Frequency” this is what is defined as “The Law of Attraction” it essentially tends to give us what we focus on or think about the most. It does not distinguish between what we do and do not want. It instead looks at what and where we continue to give the majority of our time and attention to thinking about. If you are constantly thinking of pain, suffering and sadness more will show up in your life to give you pain, suffering and sadness. If however, you think about joy, health and wealth these things will also show up for you as well. What it all comes down to in the end is you are the creator of your life, and you can create it the way you want it to be…Now there’s a secret worth sharing!

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