The Uniqueness of the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln statue picture taken by Gary Grout



Why do we love it? What is it about our American Civil War that people have devoted their lives to the study of? And others, not so devoted, enjoy it very much as a hobby.  What causes folks to be so fascinated with it? What makes the Civil War so unique? Stephanie McCurry writing in the October 2012 issue of Civil War Times,  says in her article Why Do We Love Our Civil War- that part of the answer to the questions can be found in the idea that:

...the belief on both sides, victor and vanquished, that this struggle had a redemptive purpose. To this day the pattern holds and helps explain the romantic aura that surrounds our memory of the war. Liberals and progressives have their new birth of liberty. The war they celebrate and reenact not only defended the Union, it accomplished the emancipation of 4 million slaves and vindicated the principle of democracy not just in the United States but in the world. Confederate descendants have their redemptive fight for political liberty. The war they celebrate and reenact was waged for states’ rights, defended the Constitution’s original intent and resisted the tyranny of the federal government.”

I like the above summary. I don’t care to fight the Civil War all over again. Anything that explains what happened and how we have views from it- is helpful.


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