The Unsung Heroes-Our Nation’s Soldiers

A Union Soldier Statue in front of City Hall, Pontiac, Michigan

And there it was… I was driving through Pontiac, Michigan and saw the thing I’ve seen many times before-the lone statue of the Union Soldier from the Civil War out in front of City Hall. I’d been meaning to take a picture of it for years but it just didn’t happen. But that particular day last week I had my camera with me! Good fortune!

So I snapped a few photos:

I suppose people don’t pay much attention to the statue. It has become part of the fixed landscape. Wonder when was the last time someone took a picture of it?

The statue to me represents the soldiers who served all of us to protect our freedoms. While the civilians carry on with their daily lives of working a job, caring for a family, and whatever else- those in uniform are pretty much quietly doing their duty-with their lives “on hold.” We don’t think a whole lot about them folks-but they are the unsung heroes-they should be the role models for us all. As we recently celebrated another Memorial Day, I just want to give out one more big salute to all of you!

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