There is hope for the U.S. Grant house in Detroit!


West view of the U.S. Grant house in Detroit

West view of the U.S. Grant house in Detroit

This Lincoln blog has written about the U. S. Grant house in Detroit in the past. It sits on the grounds of the former Michigan State Fairgrounds. The site is closed to the public. The fair is long gone.  One can view the historic house from a street through the fence that encloses the property. The fears have been expressed that the house once lived in by one of the most important individuals in American history might simply deteriorate into a pile of rubble. That seemed to be the course of what was going to happen to the structure- until recently. In an article: U.S. Grant Slept Here, So Detroit House Targeted For Rescue, Eric Freedman of the Capital News Service wrote on September 6, 2013 that efforts through the state Land Bank Fast Track Authority may save the pre-Civil War house of U.S. Grant. He further noted that “negotiations are underway to relocate it to the Detroit Edison Public School Academy east of the Eastern Market,” according Jill Robinson (the land bank’s project manager). Obviously, there is still much to be done to “rescue” the treasure-and nothing is finalized at this point. It would be a marvelous thing for the deal to result in bringing the house to the place of respect that it deserves. Besides everything that U.S. Grant was-he was a President of the United States. That should count for much! Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois is a major attraction for that city; why can’t the U.S. Grant home become something similar? For now, the story continues…





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  1. Kevin Lindsey says:

    This is really hopeful news. I have always been aware of the home, and wondered about it often. I may still have the brochure they used to pass out when it was open for tours (I always went through it at the state fair when it was open) I sincerely hope that they will proceed and save the home. Please keep us posted

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