Thoughts on Lincoln’s legacy as Thanksgiving nears



How important is Abraham Lincoln to history?- to America?- to the world? Need I say? The legacy that he left was one for freedom-not just for the over 4 million slaves that existed at the time of his life-but for all people of all nations at all times. As the Thanksgiving season approaches, may we be thankful that Lincoln stood for what was right. Countless millions have benefited from his work-and the blessings continue to be enjoyed. Slavery still thrives in our modern world-not all nations have realized a “new birth of freedom” spoken of by Lincoln.  But those nations have an example to be challenged by. May there be leaders to rise up to be the “Lincolns” of their time and place.

At the funeral of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois on May 4, 1865,  Reverend Matthew Simpson expressed his thoughts on the meaning of Lincoln’s life and death to the world in his oration to the thousands of listeners on that day:

“There are moments which involve in themselves eternities. There are instants which seem to contain germs which shall develop and bloom forever. Such a moment came in the tide of time to our land when a question must be settled, affecting all the powers of the earth. The contest was for human freedom. Not for this republic merely, not for the Union simply, but to decide whether the people, as a people, in their entire majesty, were destined to be the Governments or whether they were to be subject to tyrants or aristocrats, or to class rule of any kind. This is the great question for which we have been righting, and it’s decision is at hand, and the result of this contest will affect the ages to come. If successful, the republics will spread in spite of monarchs all over this earth.”


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