Thoughts on the Lincoln birthplace cabin

Lincoln's Birthplace shrine in Kentucky

Lincoln’s Birthplace shrine in Kentucky


The Lincoln birthplace cabin doesn’t exist. Whatever happened to it-it is no more. The cabin housed inside the Lincoln birthplace shrine is a replica of the original-although smaller in size than what was the “real thing?” At any rate, when the temple surrounding it was constructed, the cabin placed inside it what thought to be the actual Lincoln cabin. It wasn’t until the last few years that it was proven to less old than what Lincoln’s cabin would have been. Perhaps, it’s a good thing that the original cabin is lost to time and history. As it is, there was a temple built for what they thought was the real deal. Can we say “overkill?” The cabin was treated like a holy relic. I’m thinking that it was like what would happen if somehow the manger that baby Jesus was born in was found. Can you imagine the reaction to such a discovery? Lincoln’s cabin is on par, I think, to the manger. And every year, thousands of people (I was tempted to say “pilgrims”)-make the journey to Kentucky to see the “cabin.” Up the stone staircase they walk through pillars-and then into the entrance. And when entered, they cast their eyes immediately on the cabin.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think it is a wonderful place. Anyone evenly remotely interested in Abraham Lincoln should try and visit there, at least once. The area there, that was once owned by Thomas Lincoln, is still quite beautiful. And just knowing that Abraham Lincoln was born there and lived for a time at the site is worth consideration. But it is not a holy place. Lincoln was not Christ. In fact, I think Lincoln would be astounded that a magnificent building was erected at his birthplace with a cabin modeled after his humble beginnings-for tourists to come and view. I don’t think Lincoln ever returned to his birthplace while he was alive, did he? He probably didn’t want to be all that reminded of his poor roots. Funny, we find his “poor roots” one of the most endearing features of Mr. Lincoln. That’s partly why we built a shine there…


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