Tid-Bits from ‘Lincoln’s Avengers’

The Presidential Box at Ford's Theatre

The Presidential Box at Ford's Theatre










Taken form: ‘Lincoln’s Avengers’ by Elizabeth D. Leonard


*Contrary to the popular notion that Lincoln conspirator David Herold was a dull and dim-witted character-he was actually well-educated having attended Georgetown College and Rittenhouse Academy (where he studied pharmacy).


*After being taken into custody by authorities, Lewis Powell was stripped and searched. It was discovered that one of the boots he was wearing seemed to be marked on the inside with the name “J.W. Booth.”


*Lewis Powell once aspired to be a minister (as his father was). At 14 or 15 years of age, he was conducting prayer meetings. He was “transformed” from a promising young man to a hardened fighter via the Civil War. He was known during the war years to use the skull of a Union soldier for an ashtray.


*John Wilkes Booth failed capture plan in March 1865 turned into a murder plan before April 14, 1865. It was only on that fateful day that Booth learned that Lincoln was to attend the evening performance of Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre.


Secretary of State Seward initially was expected to die of the wounds from the attack by Lewis Powell. He survived. However, the emotional trauma from the attack impacted his family terribly. Seward’s wife died two months later. His daughter Fanny died in October 1866.


There has been great debate over the years regarding Stanton’s relationship with Lincoln. One author, Otto Eisenschiml, posited in his book ‘Why Was Lincoln Murdered?’ that the Secretary was behind Lincoln’s assassination.

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