Tid-Bits from “The Intimate Lincoln.”

Billboard in Detroit. Lincoln is everywhere!

Billboard in Detroit. Lincoln is everywhere!

Gleaned From “The Intimate Lincoln” by Joseph E. Suppiger:
*In the winter of 1858 Lincoln gave a lecture on “Discoveries and Inventions” at Illinois College. Obviously, it was a nonpolitical speech.
*At the end of Lincoln’s workday, he was fond of playing with his children and his pets (various cats and “Fido” his dog). He also liked watching Willie and Tad play in the back yard.
*Lincoln also liked to walk in the country with his boys. Sometimes he would take them for a ride in the buggy pulled by “Old Bob” the horse.
*It is said that he was pulling his two boys in a wagon when one of them fell out. Lincoln didn’t notice and kept on walking.
*Lincoln didn’t do gardening at his home. There was only one tree on his property-and Mrs. Lincoln had it cut down.
*Leonard Volk, who did the Lincoln life-mask and his hands-which are now so famous-was related to Stephen A. Douglas by marriage.
*There was no alcohol in the Lincoln home. Mary Lincoln had an alcoholic relative who had caused her much grief. She refused to have any
intoxicating spirits in her home.
* Abraham Lincoln never joined a church.
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