Time for nastalgia: playing ‘Young Abe Lincoln’ on the Victrola

Abraham Lincoln would have loved the victrola. He died before the technology came into being. He loved inventions and gadgets. He certainly would have loved playing records, I think. I’m playing ‘Young Abe Lincoln’ on my 1922 Model Victor Victrola. Of course, the record is a 78rpm disc. You’ve never heard the song ‘Young Abe Lincoln’? It’s a spry little tune. I think several artists have recorded it through the years. In case yo’re not familar with it, here are the lyrics:

Raised up in Kentucky
In a cabin cold and bare
Reading by the fireside
He got his learning there

Earned his keep by splitting logs
He grew so lean and strong
He could fight against a bully
Or turn right a mighty wrong

Young Abe Lincoln
Loved all the people
Oh, what a wonderous man was he
What a plain, what a humble man was he

Then he went to Springfield
Started practicin’ the law
Folks began to know his name
From Maine to Arkansas

But when the people called him
Into politics, he went
‘Cause he had a date with destiny
To be the President

Young Abe Lincoln
Loved all the people
Oh, what a wonderous man was he
And his name will remain in memory

When he was elected
O’er his country to preside
Rich or poor, to everyone
His door was open wide

And when he felt the sorrow
Of a nation in distress
What he said will live forever
In the Gettysburg Address

Young Abe Lincoln
Loved all the people
Oh, what a wonderous man was he
What a kind, what an honest man was he

Then one dark and fateful night
That history will recall
He went to the theater
In his silk hat and his shawl

There a shot was fired
By a scoundrel known as Booth
And Abe Lincoln died because
He stood for liberty and truth

Young Abe Lincoln
Loved all the people
Oh, what a wonderous man was he
Gave his life so that
People could be free

Down in Washington
There stands a monument today
People come to honor him
From near and far away

And though it’s nigh a century
That he’s been dead and gone
His truth goes marching on

Hugo and Luigi were actually record producers. They were also cousins to each other. During their career they worked with many famous artists including Elvis Presley, Perry Como, and Della Reese. They even co-wrote a song-‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis. I have no idea why they, themselves,  made ‘Young Abe Lincoln.’  From what I have learned, the tune was on the Billboard Top 100 chart for December 1955. Anyway, I’ve got to get back to my listening. If any of you have further information on this-let me know!

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2 Responses to “Time for nastalgia: playing ‘Young Abe Lincoln’ on the Victrola”

  1. B. Nash says:

    That was a great song! It isn’t the same one that I wrote about though. I’ll have to purchase that tune. Wonder if it’s on Johnny Horton’s greatest hits…

  2. Lincolnphotog says:

    Here is a link to a recording by one of my favorites Johnny Horton. This may be the recording that made the Top 100.


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