Unplanned visit to Zachariah Chandler’s grave

B. Nash at grave of Zachariah Chandler

B. Nash at the obelisk of Zachariah Chandler

The grave of Zachariah Chandler with marker.

The grave of Zachariah Chandler with marker.

Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit was not the planned destination for the day but somehow I found myself there. ¬†Naturally, I had to visit the grave of Zachariah Chandler. Actually, his grave is not where the obelisk is exactly. His grave is behind the Chandler obelisk (see photos). ¬†Mr. Chandler’s wife is laid to rest next to him. There is a grave marker not far from them that has the name “Samuel Chandler” engraved on it. I assume that it is the final resting place of Zachariah Chandler’s father.

On a side note, my first school- Zachariah Chandler Elementary School- is slated for demolition this year. I wonder if another building will be put in its place? I doubt it. But if that does become the reality- will it be named after Chandler? I kind of doubt tbat too.

On another side note, Detroit’s Chandler Park (named after Zachariah Chandler) will be undergoing a renovation adding new attractions for the public. I don’t ever remember much ever being done to the park in a major way. I’ve been going there since my early childhood years. I once ran a 12 mile marathon through the park. At the starting line, I made the decision to run the marathon backwards. I did! Only problem was that I had not trained to run backwards. For the next week or so after the marathon- I could hardly walk!

I did not stay long at Mr. Chandler’s grave. I’ll be back there soon. Until next time!


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