I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the USS Abraham Lincoln on this blog. To all those sailors who have served on her, are serving on her now, and will serve on her in the future, I give you a hearty “Thank you all for your service-and God bless you!”

To learn about the ship and related details, please go to:

The ship was launched one day after Lincoln’s birthday, February 13, 1988. I wonder what happened that it wasn’t launced on Lincoln’s birthday. Can any of you military folks shed light on this?

The ship’s homeport is in Everett, Washington. Its top speed is 30+ knots. The vessel is a literal city within itself. It even has it’s own zip code. There are over 5,000 people on board.

I welcome input from anyone with additional knowledge about this great U.S. Navy ship. Please contribute!

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