Visiting Lincoln on Bloomington bench

The Lincoln Bench by Rick Harney

The Lincoln Bench by Rick Harney




We were driving through Bloomington, Illinois. It’s a beautiful town, if you’ve never been there. Actually, we had never been there. So, at luck would have it, we found ourselves -as if drawn by some super magnet-in front of the McLean County Museum of History. We parked. The museum was closed (too bad!). But there was a statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting on a bench-right there! Well, obviously, from the looks of the statue- one is invited to take a seat next to Mr. Lincoln-so I did!  Nice statue. It looks like the tall fellow wants to have a chat and spark up talk. He seems quite comfortable-legs crossed while holding his stove-pipe hat. He’s just taking a break.

Time to get out my Lincoln in Sculpture book by Carl Volkmann. Ah, thanks Carl-you’ve got the scoop on this work of art in your book on 16. Here’s what it says in part about the sculpture:

The Lincoln Bench was dedicated on July 1, 2000. Greg Koos, executive director of the McLean County Museum of History, served as the master of ceremonies. He recalled the many activities that Abraham Lincoln participated in while visiting Bloomington between 1839 and 1860. Koos said: “Lincoln was one of us. Today we remember him as a good friend.” Bloomington mayor Judy Stern Markowitz said: “Lincoln rode the circuit and became well-known and recognized by everyone. He’s a figure that children are familiar with because they study him in school, and I wanted the children to have something that they could enjoy.” Rick Harney’s The Lincoln Bench was remembered again in 2003 when his image was used to design the local Easter Seals collectible Christmas ornament.”

Thanks Rick Harney for your great sculpture. And thanks to all who made it otherwise possible!










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