What are some similarities between Megan Fox and Mary Todd Lincoln?

<3 Hannah <3 asked:

my teacher gave an assignment out that we had to compare and contrast mary todd and megan fox. i have plenty of differences, but i need some similarities. (its pretty hard)

From B. Nash: Ok, I give up-who-pray tell- is Megan Fox?

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5 Responses to “What are some similarities between Megan Fox and Mary Todd Lincoln?”

  1. Evelyn Respress says:

    should have said President kennedy

  2. Evelyn Respress says:

    Mary Tood and Jackie Kennedy, have similar facial similarities. Abe Lincoln and President have facial similarities around their eyes and nose area.

  3. Amy V says:

    mary todd lincoln

    Mary Todd Lincoln was very well educated, and a lady in the refined sense of the word. She was from a gentile & wealthy family (old money?) Her parents felt that she was marrying beneath herself when she married Abraham.
    She held her own once she was in the white house, and actually promoted her husband’s political position with her reputation of a hostess.

    Megan Fox is dating David Austin Green (many feel she’s dating beneath herself in the dating pool).
    Is she from old money or a wealthy, well-educated family?
    She has also been accepted into the “boys club” with her being named Guy of the Year by GQ.
    Does she have any political asperations?

  4. Gmoney says:

    Caffeinated Content

    They’re both crazy hot. And when I say both, I mean Megan Fox.

  5. downsouthrr says:


    Geez, where did this come from? They’re both Caucasian, and have brown hair, and they both have/had a sister….I’ll bet Mary would have a lot of interesting things to talk about……oh, wait, that’s a difference. I would investigate where they came from. Here’s a couple links, good luck!

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