What is the address of the Garrett Farm that John Wilkes Booth died at?


I just found out I live near there. The barn is no longer there but I’d still love to see it. I know it’s open to the public and it’s near Port Royal VA but thats all I can find out. Thanks for your help!

From B. Nash: The farm is gone! There is now a state historical marker indicating approximately where it once stood. It is about 3 miles south of Port Royal, Virginia. The marker is positioned off of highway U.S. 301 near milepost 122 (northbound lanes).  Too bad the house is no longer there. It held such great significance for what happened there.

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  1. william_byrnes2000 says:

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    A program I saw on the History channel says that it’s on a median strip along a highway which I know had a 3 in its number, this link says it’s near the intersection of Highways 301 and 17, so I guess it’s along highway 301.

    You know your area, so I suppose you know where that is.

    There’s no building there, or even a marker, according to the program, just a clearing in the woods where the house and I suppose the tobacco barn were.

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