What kept Mr. Lincoln up at night

Insomniac Lincoln?

Insomniac Lincoln?

It was the issue of slavery. That very thing kept Mr. Lincoln up at night. It was on his mind constantly as he wrestled with it. Lincoln felt that the sooner the American nation dealt with it the better. On the Eighth Judicial Circuit, lawyer Lincoln talked about it into the night one evening with fellow lawyer T. Lyle Dickey. It was the year 1854 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act had been enacted into law May 30th. The following morning Mr. Dickey awoke to find Lincoln still awake, apparently not having gone to sleep at all.
“I tell you, Dickey, this nation cannot exist half slave and half free.”
Dickey is reported to have said in reply the following profound words:
“Oh, Lincoln, go to sleep.”
Story taken from “Lincoln at Peoria The Turning Point”  by Lewis E. Lehrman
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