What kind of car is it? A Lincoln, of course!

Metal Lincoln bank car

I was in an antique store the other day. The owner of the establishment knows me well. I found a Lincoln book dated 1919. I also found the metal bank car pictured above. The metal bank cars were used as promotional items for companies-usually banks. Some of them have the name of the bank on them. They’re really well made. When I placed the item on the counter for purchase-along with the Lincoln book, I asked the owner: “Do you know what kind of car that is?”  He replied “No.”  “A Lincoln, of course!,” I said. He smiled and commented that he “should have known.”

So now I have another item to add to my collection of Lincoln curiosities-a Lincoln metal bank car. Many people don’t know or have even stopped to consider that the Lincoln vehicle was named for Abraham Lincoln. This is just another indicator of the influence of Mr. Lincoln in our world and culture. So everytime you see a Lincoln vehicle-think about Abraham Lincoln. It’s appropriate, don’t you think, that the Lincoln line of cars have a reputation for luxury? Nothing but the best reflection on Abraham Lincoln!

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The metal Lincoln car bank is actually a model of a 1941 Lincoln Continental Convertable. Edsel Ford had the first model made exclusively for himself for cruising around in Florida. Spectators of the car were taken by it’s good looks and styling-so Mr. Ford made more! It featured a V-12 engine rated at 120 horsepower. That’s a lot of car! It also featured (and this might have been a first)- a mounted covered spare tire. That spare tire design became a trade-mark of the Continental. It was a sleek long body styled car that became the car of choice for Hollywood crowd in it’s day. Of course, Abraham Lincoln, himself, would not have owned one. He preferred less flashy things-but I betcha Mary Lincoln would have ordered one-or maybe several!  As President of the United States, he may have been transported in one. That would have been enough for him…

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  1. I was under the impression that most people knew that Lincoln cars were named after Lincoln (one of many thousands of products to be named after him), but maybe I’m wrong.

    I would tend to agree with the sentiment that Lincoln probably would not have owned one, he would’ve wanted a “common man’s” car.

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