What was the political condition of USA during the life of Abraham Lincoln?

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4 Responses to “What was the political condition of USA during the life of Abraham Lincoln?”

  1. Jon says:

    the Democrats and the Wiggs were both pro slavery the New Republican Party was Anti slavery, western usa was still being explored, the white settlers were fighting the Native American for land rights, the North was full of immigrants and heavy into big cities and industry, the south was more rural and agricultural

  2. Pro Con says:

    The Democrats were firmly controlled by big banking, not unlike today. Along came a new party, the Republicans, who were looking for change. They believed that a man should own the fruits of his labor, while government and banking should be less powerful. The argument over slavery had been festering for several years and the Republicans promoted freedom for all, making them popular in the North, but disliked and distrusted in the South. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, set us on a better course when he was elected. He sidestepped big banking by printing money that was actually owned by the people and he freed the slaves.

  3. Seán O says:

    Division followed by war followed by reunification.

  4. B. Nash says:

    No rights for minorities-including women. Often no medical care. Dangers from wild animals. No TV’s, radios, automobiles, phones, etc.

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