What would life be without Abraham Lincoln?

HaloNova C asked:

I am doing a project on Lincoln, can anyone tell me what would life be without Abraham Lincoln

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10 Responses to “What would life be without Abraham Lincoln?”

  1. Jaz says:

    We wouldn’t have had u. Grant that made the south surrender

  2. Myah F says:

    Definitely no slavery issues the blacks and hispanic population would have spreaded to much and segragation would not have allowed abortion clinics. Europeans would be destroyed and pushed out of western hemisphere by coalition of colored people.

  3. bearstirringfromcave says:

    Most likely there would be a United States of America and several smaller countruies clinging to the South and East of America..
    Wipe the slavery issue from your mind. A huge number of people will rant & rave about States Rights and that the issue of slavery was unimportant and that slavery was dying out, etc.

    Forget all of that.

    It did not matter if Abraham Lincoln were elected President in 1860 or if some other man was elected President. The South was determined to Rebel. Especially Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stevens, and a handfull of others. They had been plotting Rebellion for Decades. As Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis channeled weapons & supplies into Southern arsenals, and made certain that Southerners were admitted to Westpoint & Anapolis in advance of Northern candidates..

    The South had been pursuing a ruinious economic policy since its inception. Use of slave labor was but a symptom of a greater disease. The South failed to develope its resources, did not diversify its crops, made little effort to industrialize, by 1860 the South was deep in debt. By Rebelling, Declaring themselves a new nation, Jefferson Davis and others were hoping for huge loans & credit from England and France and Germany and others….

    Where does Lincoln fit into this.

    Abraham Lincoln said “NO !! THE UNION MUST BE PRESERVED.”

    Millions of Americans did not care. They were willing to let the South go. ‘ Good riddance.’ America was exspanding West at the expense of the Natives and had no use for the South with the exception of the Missisippi River, New Orleans the port city… So America was willing to let the South go only Lincoln said “NO” and so if there had been some shlub such as Stephen Douglass in the White House in 1860 then there would be no America as we know it today (2008).
    The Confederacy itself would likely have broken up on its own. Texas proved to be the true powerhouse along with New Orleans and so one could imagine a Federal Repubic of Texas stretching across the Gulf. The South Carolinian Confederacy consisting of those parts of Georgia & Alabama not seized by Texas, with Florida a toss up. One would like to think that Virginia and North Carolina would have abolished Slavery and rejoined the Union.

    Peace………. // ———— O u O ————- \\

  4. LodiTX says:

    Well, I’d have loved to have found out, but too late now.

    The Southern states did secede when he was elected, but I don’t think that one can argue that they wouldn’t have anyway, for some other reason; we’ll never know. I think one could argue that had they, for some other reason, it is possible that another president wouldn’t have forced a war on the country and we might be two countries now.

    I do know that he was not the great emancipator that history books love to picture him as. He was a warmonger who was determined to use his office for control, whether positive or negative.

    I don’t think that one can even argue that slavery would not have ended without him. Most European countries had outlawed slavery long before the war and there was widespread feeling against it in this country; not just in the North. It might have taken longer, but I think slavery would have ended anyway, at least in name; which is how it ended after the war. The name changed, but blacks still were not free.

  5. ddjbear says:

    We’d be missing one of the best role models the world has ever had. He held the United States of America together in the most deadly war we’ve ever been in and rid the south of the plantation system which required slavery for production which was amoral and slow. He was a great believer in human rights and the dignity of all people. And he did this while his own life had deep sadness and he was challenged with depression. He’s my favorite hero.

  6. Pooky says:

    There’d be no Republican Party.

  7. Ross V says:

    I bet we wouldn’t have to hear that dumb saying “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

  8. Kenneth says:

    Slavery would have ended peacefully instead of 600,000 American kids dead at the hands of their own countrymen. Every other country that had slaves banned it peacefully.

    Slavery at that time was a dead issue morally, it was a poor choice as the industrial revolution pressed on.

    The population of the US was 31,443,321, 600000 Americans were killed, that is 19 percent of the Population.

    The only thing comparable was the Russian losses of WWII with 21,000,000 of their citizens dead which was 12 percent of the their population. 170,500,000 before German Invasion of Russia.

  9. . says:

    I bet there would still be slavery issues.

  10. B. Nash says:

    We might be waving Confederate flags instead of the Stars & Stripes. I think slavery probably would be over but Civil Rights would be less than what they are today. Also, our lives, and the lives of countless others, would not be as enriched as they have been because this great man lived.

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