What’s that hole in your “post-office” Mr. Lincoln?

Lincoln by Jim Borden

Lincoln by Jim Borden


Did you know that one night President Lincoln was riding a horse alone- and that someone took a shot at him?  Well, maybe it was just a stray bullet.  Mr. Lincoln seemed to brush it off as a hunter’s wayward shot. At any rate, the round went right through Lincoln’s stove-pipe hat-his “post-office.”  I call it that because it is well-known that he carried mail and other documents in his head-gear. The bullet left a hole clean through. Hope it didn’t damage any of the mail! It didn’t touch any part of Lincoln’s head. Lincoln lamented that the incident had ruined the hat. If he was worried that the whole thing might have been the work of an assassin, he didn’t indicate it. He had plenty of threatening mail-those who “promised” to kill him.  Maybe he had gotten sort of used to it. We look back on the event now and wonder if he should have taken it more seriously. Maybe he should have protected himself more. Maybe he shouldn’t have been riding around on a horse at night. And maybe if he had viewed the hole in his “post-office” differently- he wouldn’t have wound up with a hole in his head. Sorry for being crude. Sometimes, there are “signs” sent to us to provide direction. If we don’t heed the signs, we might pay a price that we can ill-afford…

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