Who was this man? (Lincoln)

Young Lincoln



Who was this man that during a political speech he was delivering saw one of his friends    being beaten in a physical fight-left the podium and threw the attacker ten feet or so-and returned to the stand to finish his speech afterward?


Abraham Lincoln.




Who was this man who in military service had to carry a wooden sword as a disgrace for    two days due to the disorderly conduct of his company?


Abraham Lincoln.

Who was this man that in 1834 while a candidate for the legislature participated in wrestling matches with countryside champions to gain the favor (and votes) of the crowds?


Abraham Lincoln.




Who was this man that at one point in his life in New Salem was “found walking alone by the river and through the woods, muttering strange things to himself…to be in the shadow of madness.”?


Abraham Lincoln.




Who was this man that was age ten to twenty-three was “almost constantly handling that most useful instrument” –the axe? In addition, “he drove the team, cut the elm and linn brush with which the stock was often fed, learned to handle the old shovel-plough, to wield the sickle, to thresh the wheat with a flail, to fan and clean it with a sheet, to go to the mill and turn the hard-earned grist into flour. In short, he learned all the trades the settler’s boy must know, and so well that when his father did not need him he could hire him to the neighbors.”



Abraham Lincoln.




From The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln by Ida Tarbell.


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