Why was Abe Lincoln a bad or good president?

retep asked:

Please post what you think about Abe Lincoln, i want to know if he was a bad president or a good one.

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22 Responses to “Why was Abe Lincoln a bad or good president?”

  1. jerry lockhart says:

    I think Lincoln was really a bad President,and slavery could have came to a end without costing so many death’s, without the burning, rapeing, destroying the country, by far – I dont think he was a ood president or a smart one, like many other President’s misuse of power.

  2. Montford Greenwood says:

    One of the worst ever.
    I think there are a few that may give him a run for the money.
    But only a few.

  3. David says:

    One of the most incompetent leaders of all time.

    Lincoln tolerated disrespect and Generals who disobeyed orders.

    His attitude was to do nothing in the middle of crisis.

    He is bar none the most worthless incompetent President besides Obama.

    Also, he was not for rending slavery. He only did this to enlist troops from NE states.

    Lincoln was for colonizing blacks in Panama and said whites and blacks could never live together.

    The people on this site have not studied Lincoln. Read David Donald’s award winning book “Lincoln”.

  4. B. Nash says:

    Sam: your ignorance is rather appalling.

  5. Sam says:

    Just so everybody knows he didn’t end slavery he ended in the south the north were still allowed to keep there slave this was just a war tactic he created you have to remember he’s not a savior at all he starved out native American villages and the men who should get the credit for ending slavery should be U.S. Grant and JFK because it was U.S. Grant who passed the amendment that prohibited slavery and under JFK he gave equal rights to all US citizens it’s a insult to actually teach he ended slavery in schools it goes hand in hand with teaching Christopher as anything but a tyrant who led one of the biggest genocides in human history
    The best thing Lincoln did was keep America united which is actually a very smart thing because were stronger united but that’s one of few things he did right which is not discussed by most school and if it is it’s glanced over very quick

  6. pjkondorpoduszlo says:

    Lincoln weather you agree or disagree with him was a great President in terms of how he executed what he did. He was the most hands on President in terms of military strategy the country had ever seen. He read books on military strategy and taught himself how to manage a war; and he went through one head General after another until he found the man he believed to be the right one in Ulysses Grant. Plus while he knew from the time he won the election that war with the south was imminent; he waited until the South fired the first shots at Fort Sumter; so that he could claim the so called “moral high ground” and not portray himself as a warmonger. His firm resolve was to hold the Union together; and if it weren’t for him we might very well be two separate countries right now.

    And after the war was over; he advocated a policy of healing and not punishing the South, treating them as countrymen as opposed to conquered enemies. Thus he was just as much an ambassador as he was military leader.

    Plus more important than anything else; he was an honest person, and conducted himself with dignity and respectable fashion at all times. Plus he was a family man.

    A great President Lincoln was.

  7. Bill H says:

    He was a bad president. He waged war on his own people. You can’t get much worse than that. Lincoln was responsible for the deaths of more Americans than all other presidents combined.

    Lincoln was not interested in ending slavery; that was just a by-product that would have happened eventually anyway. He was only interested in “preserving the Union” — codeword for maintaining and expanding Federal power over the states and the people.

    How in the world is “preserving the union” worth 600,000 lives?

  8. RayIsBack says:

    Mr Lincoln was a great man He was an abolitionist [opposed to slavery] He said slavery was an abomination before God That no man can be free if some were slaves
    There is much rewriting of history and many want to paint him as a black hating white man But Mr Obama admires him there would nothing to admire if the civil war was not about slavery he would just be a man who lead us into a disastrous war
    just read the silly half wit posts ”states rights” the only right they wanted was to have slaves Why did they want to break away from the union.To keep the right to say y’all?
    I’m a southern boy my state of Texas was at 1st not allowed into union as we were a slave state this was going on all over the union slave free state Right after Mr Lincoln was elected the south My south,the south that I love Declared war on the union
    As an aside my beloved grandfather hated Mr Lincoln and Yankees He was wrong about Mr Lincoln

    dunbran Good God I can’t take it ”Abe did not set the slave free in the union ”[north] Good god man slavery was outlawed in the north that is were blacks slaves run too To prevent war earlier They passed a law southerns could come to the north and could prove these were their slave take them back Grand pop was right Yankees are lying .rude,SOB’s
    He also did not like the english as well Two out of three is not bad

  9. Kwanzaa Baby says:

    Depends on what side of the Mason-Dixon your family was on in the 1860s.

    He preserved the Union while destroying States rights in the USA.
    He ended slavery to **** off the South.
    He suspended Habeas Corpus and was considered a butcher to some.
    The Gettysburg Address was an awesome speech written at the last moment and was short and to the point.
    He can be found on a Penny or Five Dollar bill.

    My relatives were still overseas, so he predates my American Ancestors.

  10. Nate says:

    The “Lost Cause” lives on.

  11. martinx07 says:

    I cannot accept Lincoln to be a good President because he suspended habeas corpus. He also violated state rights (confederacy).

  12. duvvbrand says:

    If you understand the history of world banking, probably not. Abe kinda made himself the dictator during the Civil War (for a good reason in his opinion). Abe’s “union” set the stage for the Federal Reserve bank we have today. The U.S. is owned by bankers.

    EIDT: Also, Abe only emancipated slaves in the Southern states, not in the Union states. It was a tactic to undercut the southern war effort.

  13. ck4829 says:


    1. He emancipated the slaves

    2. He took down the legion of inbred hicks otherwise known as the “Confederacy”

  14. Geoffrey says:

    The best!

  15. Henrietta Hughes says:

    Abe freed my peeps so we could be on welfare for 140yrs.

  16. ATTENTION: Testicles That Is All says:

    Depends if you lived in the North or South.

  17. J.L. says:

    He achieved a lot of good. But he was not a very good person.

  18. Nate says:

    There are some who HATE him. It depends on your point of view. However, the majority of people rate him as one of the greatest-if not the greatest.

  19. Bob says:

    He kept the union together didn’t he?

    Unless you are a ******** Southern nationalist, you should probably consider Lincoln to be in the top three presidents.

  20. B. Nash says:

    Welcome back to the Cabin Chris. You’ve been away for awhile but it’s good to have you back for a visit. Pull up a chair and sit by the fire a spell. I love the reason you gave. Yes, because of Lincoln the nightmare of slavery ended. Thank God.

  21. Chris says:

    Well I consider him the best because he ended slavery. :)

  22. B. Nash says:

    He is the greatest President to date, in my opinion. Someone once said: “Washington is the father of our Country, but Lincoln is it’s Savior.” I cannot agree more.

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