Would Lincoln be a Republican or Democrat today?



I’m asked the question frequently: “If Lincoln were alive, would he be a Republican or a Democrat?’ There is no harm in the question, of course. The short answer is, “I have no idea.” Do you? Although Lincoln was one of the founders of the Republican party, it doesn’t mean he would still be a Republican today. And to make matters more complicated, the Republican party isn’t necessarily today what it was back then. Maybe Lincoln would be neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Maybe he would be a third party follower. To be sure, Lincoln held many views that were conservative and progressive. Wanting to prevent slavery, for instance, from extending into the territories was a conservative view. Wanting to end slavery altogether was certainly progressive. He held both views. He saw the extension of slavery into the new territories as a way of making slavery spread and thrive-he was against that . He also was aware that he had no Constitution power to end slavery (even though he wanted to end it if he had his “rathers”). Pushing the 13th Amendment for the abolishing slavery was progressive. Ironically, it was the Republicans then who fought to end slavery and the Democrats who were against ending it. As they say-“it’s complicated.” In more modern times, it’s interesting to note that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican-and the Democrats succeeded in passing Civil Rights laws (1965). So, what would Lincoln be? Maybe easier to consider what might Lincoln do. Not!

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2 Responses to “Would Lincoln be a Republican or Democrat today?”

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  2. I think Lincoln would be part of some third party that doesn’t exist right now if he was alive today. I really don’t think he’d like either of the two major parties. That being said, Lincoln today seems to be admired by both major parties, and lots of the 3rd parties as well (with the exception of perhaps some Southern Republicans). Just goes to show a lot of people see very different things in Lincoln, and interperet his words and actions differently, even if they all admire him. It also goes to show how relevant Lincoln still is today. This is a fascinating subject and I’ve had some good discussions with my friends about where Lincoln might stand today politically.

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