writing a paper on abe lincoln need a good title?

♥J3nnYY♥ asked:

Ive just read the book, Abraham Lincoln by Carl Sandburg now i am writing (for english) a one page summary on the book.
and i need a good title something besides
Abe Lincoln. Honest Abe, or Strange Friend, friendly stranger ..

any ideas?

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6 Responses to “writing a paper on abe lincoln need a good title?”

  1. How about Licoln, A man of Great Character?

  2. Cartson Gohan says:

    How about the title be just simply “Abraham Lincoln, the great”

  3. ricky pigg says:

    Lincoln and his black slaves

  4. annalee. says:

    Take the biggest point your making about the summary, and make it your title.
    If it’s a long point, then just summarize it into a few words.

  5. Nate says:

    Maybe something as simple as “Sandburg’s Lincoln?”

  6. B. Nash says:

    You have chosen a great book on Lincoln. It was the first book I ever read on him. Perhaps the title should be something like: Lincoln, Man of the People.”

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