Zachariah Chandler pencil sketch by Nathan Nash

Pencil Sketch of Zachariah Chandler by Nathan Nash

Pencil Sketch of Zachariah Chandler by Nathan Nash



My son Nathan Nash presented AbesBlogCabin with this hand-drawn pencil sketch of one of my personal heroes-Zachariah Chandler. ┬áReaders of this blog are familiar with the many posts that have preceded today’s inclusion regarding Mr. Chandler. I’m amazed, as always by Nathan’s talent. This is the third pencil sketch he has drawn for me. The first two were portraits of Abraham Lincoln. Nathan said he spent about twenty hours on this one. It is truly a family keepsake that I will always treasure. And now a word about Mr. Chandler which speaks for itself:

In the book Eulogies on the late Hon. Zachariah Chandler, Delivered in the Senate and House of Representative of the United States (1880),  Mr. Hubbell said about Chandler, in part:

“No man was ever trusted in public or private life as was Zachariah Chandler by the people of Michigan, and no man ever ended a public career against whose integrity less could be said.”










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  1. Mark Chandler says:

    Thank you for your writings on Mr.Chandler. I am very interested in your opinions on his mysterious death in chicago. I am wondering what the rest of the story would be if he had survived that fateful trip to chicago. Happy to chat. Best regards Mark Chandler.

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