5 Things You Didn’t Know About Designer Clothing Brands

Womens designer clothes are a hot topic in the modern world, as almost any and every celebrity will sport a brand that either everyone knows about, or one that no one knows about – When a celebrity regularly wears specific brands, word gets out and the fans rush to be the first to buy these brands in order to look like their favourite stars.

But what else do you know about designer clothing brands? Nothing I’ll bet. Here are 5 things that you never knew about these designer brands;

  1. Many designer brands are hand made. Unlike the majority of regular clothing, which is often made by automated machines, a large portion of designer brands are made the old fashioned way, by hand. Specialists are trained to become experts at crafting fine clothing.
  2. They often incorporate a wide variety of designs and styles into their lines. While a lot of regular and generic brands focus on only one or two styles, many of the bigger brands will spend months designing the next seasons clothes, often creating an array of styles to fit any situation – from casual to formal.
  3. Value for money – Yes, designer clothes are generally better value for money. While more expensive, these clothes are usually made from higher quality materials that don’t fade or tear so easily. You should be able to get many years of wear from a fine quality dress, whereas just ‘any old dress’ will generally not last so long.
  4. You will make a much better impression on people when you walk into a room wearing something unique. Out to a party? To make the best impression you should wear something from a designer brand – Gloria Estelles is a brand that produce some unique and beautiful dresses that would be guaranteed to stand out – You don’t want to walk into a room and look the same as everyone else, doing this gives you no individuality.
  5. Designer brands are cheaper than you might think! Not every dress will cost you £1,000+, though with price comes quality. There are a variety of designer brands that will give you an excellent garment for very little, allowing you to either buy more, or save more. Brands such as Luisa Spagnoli, Oska, Gloria Estelles, Luisa Cerano and many others will often have gorgeous clothes available for £200 or less, some even for less than £100+! Don’t shy away from purchasing quality clothes by thinking that they are too expensive, when you look around they are much more affordable than you might think!

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