Current Trends With Engagement Rings

Shopping for engagement rings in Wisconsin can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very intimidating. Not only is this purchase meant to solidify a pretty serious promise, but there are also a lot of different choices out there for you to consider. Just as in most niches of fashion, the world of jewelry has trends that come and go. Right now, there are some really beautiful trends hitting the jewelry scene that could help you select a really unique and personal ring for your significant other Jewelry. The following is a list of some of these trends:

Colored Diamond Accents

Diamonds come in more colors than just white. Blue, yellow, pink, and even the very rare red are all available. These colored diamonds are far more rare than white diamonds. That is why the main trend right now is to use the colored diamond as an accent on engagement rings in Wisconsin. These accents will cost more, but they will be something very unique and on trend to give your beloved. Shaped Bands

This is a fun trend that is very subtle. Many different designers are creating rings whose bands are shaped differently than the traditional circle band. Ovals, hearts, diamonds, and squares are all becoming more common every day. In fact, many people who have purchased and worn the square shaped bands claim that they are more comfortable than the typical round band. This is a trend that will add a flair of difference to the ring that can be fun to show off, but won’t be immediately noticeable.


The gesture of offering a beautiful and valuable ring to your significant other speaks volumes about your love. That being said, adding a meaningful engraving on the ring could be a really lovely way to add a little epilogue to that volume. Some people engrave nick names, others can fit small poems, and some stick with dates or funny nicknames. Think about a few words that will let your significant other know how much you care. This message can be sealed up against her skin for the rest of her life, and that can add some very deep meaning to your proposal.

Stones other than Diamonds

A lot of people love the look of colored diamonds, but just can’t make their limited budget stretch far enough to purchase them. If this describes you, then you can look into stones other than diamonds. One huge trend in the wedding jewelry world is the utilization of stones other than diamonds to add a pop of color. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and opals are all ways to create a really personal and unique ring without having to purchase the incredible rare colored diamonds.

Unique Stone Shapes

While princess cut diamonds and round cut diamonds are still very much running the show when it comes to popular stone cuts, there are some vintage cuts that are coming back into style right now. Among these are the empress cut, the pear cut, and the trinity cut. If you want to make her ring stand out in a subtle but elegant way, than choosing one of these cuts could be the way to go.

As you are looking for the perfect item to present to your significant other when you propose, think about these trends. Consider what your beloved would want, and try to select the perfect ring to suit her personality and style. With so many different styles of engagement rings in Wisconsin to choose from, you are sure to find one that will work perfectly to signify the beginning of a life-long commitment.

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