Heaters, Filtration And Other Betta Fish Considerations

In this article I would like to discuss other items your Betta fish will need besides the aquarium itself. If you are going to only keep one then you really do not need any filtration. However, you will still need to change the water from time to time.

However if you are going to add tank mates, you will need some additional filtration. I would suggest that you get a filter that hangs on the back of your aquarium. You will need to purchase a lid or top for your bettas’ home too. These fish can and do try to jump from time to time if they are startled or frightened so you need to keep a roof over their heads so to speak.

You will also need some sort of gravel (substrate). Try to ensure that the gravel you use has no sharp edges that can cut and injure your fish. I would also recommend that you purchase a small aquarium heater no matter where you live. The real purpose of a heater is to not only keep the Betta fishes water warm, but it keeps the water at a constant temperature. The room where your Betta stays might be 75 during the day, but at night the room temperature might drop to 65. Having the bettas’ water temperature cycle up and down will both stress the fish and cause it to get sick over time.battery powered fish tank heater

I would also recommend that you buy some decorations. These decorations will give your Betta fish places to hang around and hide. Some decorations can be plants, castles, and other ornaments. I would recommend that you only use gravel and decorations that come from an aquarium store, or a fish department in a pet store, as they are not toxic to your fish. I would also suggest that you never add used items to the aquarium unless you know for sure that they do not have any residual cleaning chemicals on them.

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