Invest In Metals

Where to invest my money?

Currently there are many options to invest money, deciding on one of them can be difficult, especially if we take into account that most of them require knowledge.

For example, investments in the stock market, currencies, investment funds or cryptocurrencies can be enormously lucrative, but they require knowledge of the markets or professional advice goldco review, which obviously entails a cost and consequently reduces our benefits.

Investment in precious metals

Investing in raw materials (objects obtained from nature and used for the production of derived products) is another very interesting option, especially when it comes to precious metals, one of the most common options.

Gold specifically is one of the safest investment options, especially in times of crisis. An example of this is that its value has skyrocketed after the pandemic, reaching all-time highs, exceeding $2,000 per ounce in August 2020, surpassing its previous record of 2011.

Why is it good to invest in gold?

Gold is the most valuable metal in the world. It is used for almost everything and its value, each day higher, sets the pace for many investments globally, it is therefore one of the safest investments, but it also has other advantages:

Investing in gold is one of the few options that is completely unrelated to government decisions. It is also outside the inflationary process.

Its value is not as volatile as money

It is not an investment that requires large outlays, as is the case with real estate investments.

It does not require knowledge to be able to make the investment

What do I need to know to invest in gold?

Gold has positioned itself as an unbeatable resource for investment, although both the purchase of gold and the investment in physical gold are highly regulated, which is why to invest in physical gold, it must be notified in the Income Statement and it is taxed, according to the capital gains or losses generated by the operation, as well as the loss of equity according to the taxable base of the savings.

Investment gold is not affected by taxes, however, if it must be taken into account that all profits will be subject to taxation.

If you want to invest in physical gold you will have at your disposal at least three ways to do it:

Ingots: Its value is the highest, its price varies depending on its weight.

Investment coins: they have a lower value than gold bars, their value varies depending on the amount of metal and level of purity, and they are highly appreciated by collectors.

Jewelry: One of the most common forms of investment in families, they are much more accessible and can also be used.

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