10 Tips And Tricks For More Interaction On Instagram

How to activate your target group on Instagram

No other social network is designed for interactivity as much as Instagram, and great photos usually get the first likes and comments within a few seconds. Unlike other social networks, Instagram communication is almost entirely visual based on the format – though, as a publisher, you can add text to your images and photos, but this ultimately only supports and does not significantly impact content.

Likes and comments play a very and buy instagram comments important role on Instagram, both forms of interaction can also be used to generate more followers for their own account. However, in order for many interactions to occur and, subsequently, for more reach, you must ensure that your content and the complete profile “invite” users to become active accordingly. This article will show you 10 tips and tricks that will help you to increase the interaction rates for your content on Instagram.

  1. Post regularly, preferably daily

The best content strategy will not work if you do not have enough material to publish. There are not many photos per day you need to post on Instagram – in the end, one photo per day is enough to get the highest quality content. The users on Instagram are used to interesting material and if you examine many of the high-reach accounts on Instagram, then you will find that the quality of the images is often very good.

Produce content on stock and present it periodically. It does not have to be daily, but your users will be grateful if they can rest assured that your content will not just be released at irregular intervals.

  1. Publish content when the most users are online

Actually, an old hat, which you certainly already know from other social networks such as Facebook: “Social timing” is the magic word – but is that really an “old hat”? Certainly not, because a look at the content on Instagram shows that by no means every publisher sticks to it. Consequence: High-quality content is published, although the maximum of potential interactants is not available.

The “News Feed” on Instagram is arranged chronologically – similar to Twitter. If you publish your content at inappropriate times, then it is not seen by many users and this leads to lost potential. Build your strategy for Instagram the same way and always remember to publish your content at the right times. The times that are in detail, you will quickly determine after a test phase – and then act accordingly.

  1. Use concrete action requests in your postings

Would you build a landing page that does not have a clear call-to-action with an unequivocal call to action? Most likely not. But why are there so many social media postings – even and especially on Instagram – no action requests? The fact is that the majority of users react to such “instructions”. Not all of them do exactly what you expect as a publisher – but not too much to underestimate.

So there’s no harm in putting your photos on Instagram, for example, with concrete action requests like “Double tap if you like the photo” or “Tagge in the comments a friend who might like this photo.” You can determine the exact success of such measures by measuring the impact. With an increase in interaction rates, you are on the right path and should try to intensify the principle.

  1. Post popular content multiple times

If you are already at the trade fair, then also check which contents are generally better frequented. You can easily find that out by the number of likes and comments generated for each post. If you publish your content regularly and at similar or equal times (see above!), Then you have a solid foundation to compare the achievements.

In this way you will find that certain types of content work better than others. It is precisely this content that you then have to publish more often, thus giving your target group exactly what is obviously required. In this way you can get the highest interaction rates out of your content and at the same time position yourself clearly – also a factor that the users appreciate on Instagram.

  1. Use a special hashtag for your brand

Not only big brands and global corporations have the “right” to their own hashtag – you too can work for yourself with exactly this stylistic device. Even if you’re just starting your Instagram activity, it’s a good idea to respond with such a hashtag.

Such a “brand hashtag” not only ensures that all your content pays even more to you as a publisher. You are also able to monitor much better what content has already been published – even through third parties, if a particularly good photo of you was shared on Instagram, because that is also possible. Ultimately, such a hashtag pays for your brand, and if others tag you on Instagram, then that method can help make you more aware of others.

  1. Observe which current hashtags get a lot of attention

Also on Instagram, there are always content that occur more frequently in a certain period of time and on a topic than others. This content is also typically tagged with hashtags, so that individual hashtags pile up in their use. Exactly these hashtags can be identified and used – if it fits thematically to your own content.

In this way, you can reach more users on Instagram and usually generate more interactions. Because content with popular hashtags are in the focus and are seen by more users – correspondingly larger is the quantitative distribution, which then ultimately applies to your content.

  1. Find the best hashtags in your own niche and use them

The same principle applies to hashtags that are basically popular in your niche. There are hashtags on Instagram that are always used a lot and therefore used by many publishers. This strategy may be tempting at first glance – but you and your topic will be more rewarded if you use just the hashtags that best describe your content for each content.

  1. Analyze your most successful posts and get the insights

Not only the content itself, but also the structure of postings on Instagram plays a role. For example, it interacts more with photos and images that have a light background, dark-walled content performs worse, and less-saturated images and photos.

Instagram users love high-quality pictures and photos that may also be fancy and colorful. However, especially when editing your images with the on-board means of Instagram (for example, filters), be aware that your content does not look unnatural – because this is less popular among the public on Instagram. The colors themselves also play a role: Cooler shades such as blue are much more popular. This should be considered when selecting your content.

  1. Interact with your followers and other instagrammers

In order to increase the interaction rates for your own content, it is also worthwhile to become active yourself. One of the most important rules: If you receive feedback in the form of comments for your content, then you should thank for these comments. This does not have to be extravagant text – just comment on it briefly and thank every user who has left you an opinion.

In addition to your own followers, as the very people who are actively getting their content online, and thus making sure that your interaction rate increases, you should also target those Instagram users who also publish good content. Get in touch with these users, like your photos and comment on the content – if you like the content. The result: not only the author of this content will be aware of you, but also those who read the comments of this content. And by using appropriate hashtags in your comments, you also increase the likelihood that even more topic-relevant users will be aware of you and your content.

  1. Pay attention to a high quality profile with all the trimmings

External links are in short supply on Instagram, but you can still use your account to generate traffic for your website. In postings and also in comments it is possible to place an Internet address – but you can not “click” on them. The only working link is in your profile where you can put a link to a landing page. This link is only part of your profile on Instagram.

As with all other social networks, especially your profile picture is a kind of business card. So be sure to work with a picture or photo that will visually support you or your business and, ideally, stand out from the mass of other Instagram profiles (at least in your niche). The same applies to the description – you do not have endless space, so make it clear in a nutshell and, most importantly, clear what your Instagram account is all about and what you, as a user, have about following you.