7 Tips for Training the Breed

The poodle or poodle is a surprisingly intelligent dog; In fact, it is considered one of the 3 most intelligent and easiest dogs to train in the world. His playful and curious attitude makes them excel at problem solving and learning commands. He loves to play, learn and please his owners. But as with any other breed, poodles need to be trained to become that ideal and obedient pet that we hope for.

Second only to the border collie, the poodle is said to be the second most intelligent dog in existence K9 training Houston. It is naturally instinctive, sensitive, alert and shows a great willingness to perform different tasks.

As a starting point, effective training of a poodle begins with knowing and understanding some common mistakes people make. For example:

  • Trying to teach too many commands at once.
  • Moving to a new command too quickly.
  • Use more than one training method.
  • Do not “refresh the poodle’s memory” with previously learned commands and activities.

That said, let’s look at 7 expert tips for training your poodle successfully.

1- Be consistent!
Consistency is a key factor when it comes to training poodles. In addition to intelligence, the breed exhibits a certain degree of stubbornness. The goal should be to get your dog to respond every time you give him a command, not just when he feels like it.

Take your time and make sure you use an appropriate training method. Be firm, patient and kind at the same time.

2- Establish a schedule
Dogs learn and thrive best when they have a routine. Whether you decide to train once, twice or three times a day, try to do it at the same time every day.

3- Give him enough praise
Dogs love both treats and praise. While it is important not to praise your puppy’s bad behavior, it is essential to verbally praise him when he executes a command.

4- Avoid distractions
It may be difficult for an inexperienced owner to make progress in training their poodle if they are in a place where it has difficulty concentrating, for example a busy park.

Likewise, it is advisable to turn off the television or avoid any other distraction during training sessions at home.

5- Don’t let your poodle get bored
Poodles like to learn and please their human companion; but it is still possible for your pup to get bored and lose interest in what they are doing. If you start to notice that your dog is getting bored, it may be time to change aspects of your dog’s training. You could change the way you say a command or make sure to take breaks to play.

Generally, it’s a good idea to keep sessions short and consistent, no more than 10 minutes at a time.

6- Don’t give up
It is normal that in the training process there are fantastic days and more difficult days. If your poodle doesn’t seem to cooperate, stay positive. You can always stop the training session and resume it the next day. This is better than letting him get away with it.

7- Never stop training a poodle
Training your dog is a task that must be practiced for life. Even when your poodle seems to have the upper hand, never stop training it. He continues to go over old commands, tricks, and praise him for every positive response, no matter how many times he’s done it before.

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