Basic Feng Shui Symbols Explained

Feng Shui seeks to achieve balance and harmony with the environment. You can do so by changing the placement of certain objects or by introducing certain Feng Shui symbols that can improve the flow of positive energy (Qi) in a specific area.

There are many Feng Shui products that have been designed to utilize the power of Feng Shui symbols. Every Feng Shui product symbolizes something. Knowing what each object symbolizes, will allow you to ascertain the appropriate Feng Shui products you will need to improve your situation. Symbols can come in the form of colors, elements, plants or animals. Therefore, it is also essential for you to learn more about Feng Shui products and their symbols.

Let us examine some of the popular symbols used by Feng Shui practitioners and what they mean.


Longevity is the ability to live a long life. It can be applied to various life concepts such as your career or your romantic relationships. To attain longevity, you can place symbols of cranes, turtles or trees in your house.

For example, you can hang paper cranes around your room. This is because cranes are symbols of longevity. Alternatively fs online, you can display the drawings of turtles or pine trees, as both are symbols of longevity too.

Wealth and Prosperity

The majority of Feng Shui practitioners want to obtain good fortune and wealth. In Feng Shui, water is the most eminent symbol of wealth. For this reason, having a well-placed crystal fountain in your house will help in bringing you good fortune.

Love and Relationship

For symbols regarding relationship, it is important to keep in mind that these symbols must always come in pairs. A single object signifies a single life for you. If you want to have a successful relationship, you can try placing several crystal lotuses in your home, as crystal lotuses are power enhancers for love and romance.

Where To Place Your Feng Shui Symbol

To locate the best place for to put a Feng Shui symbol, you will need the aid of a Bagua map. The Bagua map has 9 areas that represent 9 different aspects of your life. The Bagua map indicates what each area of your house represents and with that, you will know what Feng Shui symbols to put in that specific area in order to improve that aspect of life.

Now that this article has reached its conclusion, we hope that you now have a better understanding of what Feng Shui symbols are. By understanding how the symbols work, you can make use of the symbols to amend the Feng Shui of your house to improve the quality of your life.