Feng Shui Gifts For Activating Wealth And Maximizing Money

You know how there are just those people who are impossible to shop for? They are either never satisfied with what they get, don’t even acknowledge your gift, or they already have it. Well, why not give them a gift they are guaranteed to love; the gift that keeps on giving…the feng shui gift of wealth.

In feng shui, there are many popular and powerful prosperity symbols or objects that if placed in the right location, can help energize your wealth luck and attract money to you over and over again. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want that? The wealth and prosperity direction in your home or any room in your house, is the south east corner or wall. This means that any of these objects can be placed here to help attract money to you.

Let’s talk about the 4 most popular feng shui gifts for never-ending wealth and abundance.

Golden Rice Bowl

In Chinese culture, being well fed, being healthy and having an abundance of food often translates to an abundance of wealth. This is because eating well, results in greater well-being which results in a more balanced life. If more food equals more wealth, then it makes sense that the golden rice bowl is a symbol of prosperity and subsequently a great feng shui courses online gift to give. Make sure this is displayed in the south east corner of your room for full effect of wealth energy.

Chinese Jade Plant

Going to a housewarming or trying to find that perfect gift for the green thumb in your life? A great feng shui gift for them would be the Chinese Jade Plant.

Plants are of the element wood which also happens to be the element associated with the wealth and prosperity area of your home or room, i.e. the south east corner. This means that placing any healthy green plant in this corner will activate your wealth luck, but having a Chinese jade plant will make the attraction even more powerful. Its succulent thick green leaves are synonymous with the color and gem jade and some households even have real jade gem tree ornaments for this purpose in their home. It is most important that if you have the real Chinese jade plant that you keep it healthy. Any dryness or wilting of the plant will instead attract stagnant bad energy which would be very bad on your finances.

The Chinese Gods of Wealth

You may have seen these statuettes in Chinese supermarkets, Chinatown or in Chinese family homes. They are the 3 old and wise Chinese gods of wealth, Fuk, Luk and Sau. They are often found together with Fuk, the god of wealth and happiness in the center, Luk, the god of high rank and affluence on the right and Sau, the god of longevity on the left. You may have also come across the laughing Buddha statue. In feng shui, he is another symbol of wealth and luck. These are believed to be very powerful wealth objects for your home and make an ideal feng shui gift.

Ancient Chinese Coins and Red Ribbon

Another popular wealth symbol or symbols rather, in feng shui are the Chinese I Ching coins. These are traditionally round, gold colored coins symbolizing the unity of heaven and earth. They have squares cut out of the middle with one side representing Yin and one Yang and Chinese characters featured on each. They act as money magnets in feng shui and you’ll usually find them in batches of three and tied together with either red ribbon or red string and placed Yang side up (the side with four Chinese characters). They come in threes as one coin symbolizes luck from heaven, one coin luck from earth and one coin luck from man. These make the perfect feng shui gift because they are small enough to keep in your purse or hung in your south east corner for wealth luck without being too protruding.

You can also tape three coins to your work table or sales invoice books in the south east corner or bury 9 of them under the entrance to your home or place them under the entrance mat to your apartment. This is a very powerful wealth activator and will attract money to your doorstep and into your life.

You can find these feng shui gifts in any Chinese supermarket or if you’re lucky to have one in your city, a Chinatown. Make sure that if you’re giving any of these great feng shui gifts to others, that you mention how they should be used effectively, for placed in the wrong areas, they will not work effectively. But who says you have to give them away, perhaps you want them for yourself. Don’t you deserve a little more wealth and prosperity in your life?

Lin Mai is a feng shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way to Feng Shui to see what feng shui gift she has for you.