Gmail Vs Hotmail Which Free Email Is The Best?

If you don’t know where an email comes from and you get several emails a day, take it to your SPAM folder. If you are one of those people who started out on the Internet with a Hotmail account and currently have it almost abandoned, you are cannon fodder for having been the victim of the latest attack that Microsoft has received on its email service, now renamed Outlook.

Commend: Hotmail

As soon as you link a private mailbox to the application, you no longer have to worry about completing the subject lines of inserting a signature, while the basic functions of any email client, such as the central inbox, calendar and contact management, are integrated into a modern messaging environment.

Gmail has a number of tools that all users, even the least experienced, can use and take advantage of, and it also has a really simple interface to use, whether we use the service through the web browser or the application available mainly for portable devices.

5. With your selection, several options will appear, if you want to create the rule with specific users for the subject that contains the mail, if you want that every time you get an evil of these you get an alert with sound goes to a folder you select.

Hotmail, now called Outlook, is a pioneering free web-based email service that belongs to Microsoft, which has its origins in the second half of the 1990s, and is currently one of the most used services of its kind in the world.