Health Insurance – Keep You And Your Bank Account Healthy

Nothing can be more important than maintaining a good health. Nowadays, people are getting more cautious about their health owing to the changing trends of their lifestyle. Like every sphere of life, there are chances of uncertainty in health as well. You can get sick anytime or can be attacked by some major illness and can even meet an accident. Whatever the case may be, once you come across either of these events the cost of hospital fees could lessen your savings to an extent or can even put you to the phase of bankruptcy. This is where health insurance comes into picture.

Buying an health insurance may cost you a lot, however not having it at all can cost you even more. Medical bills incurred from major illness or accidents can ruin you financially. Having a proper insurance for yourself or for your family can help you pay for surgeries, regular medical check ups and even emergency treatments.

Types of Health Insurance

Generally, there are two types of health insurance plans. One is the indemnity plan and the other is managed care plan.

1. Indemnity Plan – It offers wider freedom and flexibility. However, it does not pay for the entire charges. This kind of plan only covers accidents and illness whereas preventive care including flu and birth control are not covered by it. Moreover, the coverage of prescription drugs and psychotherapy costs will depend entirely on the policy and the company.

2. Managed Care Plan – Under this plan, you can avail services of a limited number of hospitals and laboratories, who have contracts with the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). This plan covers both preventive care as well as mental health treatment.

Advantages of Health Insurance

A comprehensive health insurance not only works as a complete coverage package for your health, but also offers many other benefits to you. A few among them have been listed below:

1. Low Deductibles – This benefits you as the insurer in lots of ways and reduces the expenses to be paid for by you.

2. Dental Insurance – Having a good dental insurance can help you to pay most of your regular checkups and cleanings and also a portion of other dental works such as fillings and crowns. This will help you in saving a significant amount of your money.

3. Mental Health Evaluations And Treatment – Counseling, diagnosis and mental health medications are also covered by health insurance thereby saving a lot of your money.

4. Large Pool of Physicians In Network – Health insurance policy offers you the freedom of choosing the best doctor from a long list of physicians. So you can enjoy the quality care and benefits of having the same doctor every time.

5. Regular Eye Screenings – By grabbing this benefit, you can detect various eye-issues such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Cataracts at an early stage. If these issues are found at their beginning stage, it can be treated much more easily treated. This will help you to improve or at least preserve your eyesight.

Sahil Doshi is a prolific writer from New Delhi, has been contributing his reviews,experiences and guidelines related to general insurance policies. In this articles he has focused over the types and advantages of health insurance policy.

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