How To Keep Raccoons Away From Trash Cans

Raccoons can be a real nuisance when it comes to our garbage. Here is a common scenario: You walk outside in the morning to throw out last night’s garbage, only to find a huge mess of trash and debris spread all across your driveway and lawn.

If this sounds familiar, then you certainly have a wild animal problem, and it is most likely raccoons. Raccoons are highly intelligent and ambitious mammals with dexterous paws. These traits makes it easy for raccoons to access our properties and generate a long list of possible damages.

A big-time attraction for all raccoons is food, so trash cans are common targets. If you know raccoons are a problem in your neighborhood, it is wise to take certain preventative measures to keep raccoons away from trash cans, as well as, all other areas of your property. Continue reading to learn how to do just that and more.

Raccoons are Very Clever

Raccoons have truly incredible memories. Once they know your home is a source for food, they will continue to revisit, night after night, until you make it too challenging for them to raid your property. Fortunately, there are simple ways of thwarting raccoons on your own by using practical methods, changing old habits, and outsourcing professional service (if need be). Here are some tips for keeping raccoons away from your garbage, as well as the rest of your property:

Wait to Take Out the Trash – There are a few rules when it comes to trash cans and raccoons. First, never leave your trash cans outside overnight. Always take them out on the morning of trash pickup day.

Secure Trash Cans – If you do not have the option of taking your trash cans out on the morning of trash day, you need to make arrangement to secure your lids down so that raccoons cannot open them. Raccoons have human-like paws, so they can pry open lids. Be sure to use lid locks, zip ties, or even a cement block to prevent raccoons from being able to open them.

Manage Garbage Odors– Raccoons have a great sense of smell. To disguise your garbage odors, simply double bag. You may also place ammonia soaked cotton balls in a bowl next to your trash cans for all other days of the week. You can also use moth balls. These odors, coupled with lid locks, will make it more challenging for raccoons to get into your trash. The smell may keep them away altogether.

Humanely Scare Raccoons – Raccoons are frightened of humans, as most wild animals are, so you can use human noises and voices as method of keeping them off your property. This doesn’t mean you have to stay up all hours of the night making noises. Instead, place a radio near your patio, trash cans, or anywhere you have raccoon activity, and it will do the trick!

Powder the Floors – Raccoons do not like the feeling of dust on their paws and feet. So you can try sprinkling baby powder or fine sand around your trash cans to keep them away. Since you can see the paw prints in the powder, this method is great at telling you how many raccoons you are dealing with, and whether or not they have stopped visiting.

Remove All Water Sources – Raccoons are not just hunting for food on your property, they are also looking for water. By eliminating all water sources on your property, you lessen the amount of potential targets for raccoons. This includes pet dishes, bird baths, standing puddles, and more. While you are at it, remove all other potential food sources as well, including pet food, bird feeders, and squirrel feeders.

Professional Raccoon Control – If you can seem to manage your raccoon problem with these methods, it is helpful to outsource professional raccoon control services. Licensed contractors retain the proper permits, equipment, and resources to exclude and extract raccoons, safely and humanely.

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