Ideas For Affordable Bridal Jewelry And Wedding Accessories

Most wedding planning books recommend allotting about 10% of your total wedding budget to your wedding attire. For most brides, by the time they have purchased their bridal gown, they are going to be at that 10% mark, without having yet paid for any of the special extras needed to complete their bridal ensemble. These are some great ideas on how to find affordable bridal jewelry and wedding accessories so you can pull the whole look together without spending a lot.

It is actually much easier than you may realize to find affordable bridal jewelry which looks expensive and high end. If you love the sparkle of diamonds, opt for handmade Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry set in sterling silver. You can get a lot of drama from a special crystal necklace without spending a lot of money. Large earrings, such as crystal chandelier earrings will give you a big look at a small price. They look magnificent when the bride has her hair pulled back, especially with a strapless bridal gown, which always needs accessories with a strong presence.

If classic pearls are more your taste, opt for wedding jewelry sets which are made from freshwater or Swarovski pearls. They will look just as lovely as the much more costly traditional Akoya pearls. A tin cup, or floating pearl, necklace is a wonderful way to get the effect of a strand of pearls at a fraction of the cost. A drop pearl pendant looks lovely with a V-neck bridal gown and when created in sterling silver can be remarkably well priced. Not only will you be able to afford the matching earrings, but you might just find that you can even splurge on a pearl bracelet too. Once you have decided on the style that you like, shop online for the best deals on affordable bridal jewelry.

A great way to get a fantastic deal on your wedding shoes is to shop at department store outlets. You might just be able to score a really fabulous pair of designer shoes for less than a cheaply made pair of dyeables. This is an especially great resource for brides who are willing to think beyond white shoes. There are plenty of dressy silver, gold, or colorful evening shoes available, and if you are flexible you can find an amazing deal on a really unique pair of shoes. Try places like Off Fifth (the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet) or Nordstrom Rack for deeply discounted designer shoes. While you are at it, keep your eyes open for a fabulous little beaded clutch for your wedding too. If you like to shop online, check out a site like which offers rotating deals on shoes; start looking early so you have time to wait for a great sale on shoes which you really like.

Not all wedding accessories have to be purchased new when you are trying to save money. Brides often like to have a wrap available in case they get chilly at their receptions, especially for a winter wedding. Yet there is also a very real chance that you will be so busy dancing that you will never feel cold enough to need the wrap, so why spend a lot on purchasing one? Almost everyone has a pashmina or other dressy wrap tucked away in their closet – ask around and you might just find a friend or family member who has a wrap that you can borrow. It need not be white either, and in fact it could be fun to wear a wrap in one of your wedding colors.

Another great way to make your wedding accessories more affordable is to think beyond bridal stores. While they may have most of the accessories you need right there under one roof, they are unlikely to have the most affordable bridal jewelry, headpieces, or other accessories. Visit a shop which creates handcrafted crystal and pearl jewelry to find your bridal jewelry or hit the end-of-season clearance sale at your favorite boutique to find a fantastic deal on wedding shoes. With so many options available, there is always a way to get all of the fabulous wedding accessories you need at a price that you can afford.

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