Malta -The Ideal Winter Sun Destination

When the leaves start to fall, or the light starts to fade, its time to get out your diary and plan your Malta holidays for some much needed sunshine and rest. Malta makes an ideal winter sun destination, as it has an average of over six and a half hours of beautiful sunshine for October and November; still keeps over five hours a day during December; and then reliably offers you between five and six and a half hours daily until March experience holidays.

Malta’s winter climate sees pleasantly warm temperatures throughout all the winter months. For example, November tends to come in at around 21C, and even in February, there’s a typical average temperature of about 16C. The sea surrounding the islands stays crystal clear and warm, so you can still have those great beach days, all the water sports and some fantastic diving experiences. This brief guide gives you important tips on day to day travel essentials and highlights just some of the many factors why people choose Malta holidays over many other winter sun destinations year after year.

All Your Travel Essentials

For many, the standard of accommodation is key to enjoying their holiday and you shouldn’t come across any problems booking precisely what you like. The better tour operators have access to 5 star grand and boutique hotels; or ‘European style’ family resorts with good facilities; or enchanting secluded cottages and more. To get there, you can take a standard flight lasting approximately 4 hours from all major UK airports and when you land there are convenient ATMs inside the airport terminal. English is the official second language and the currency is the euro, so all in all it’s very a straightforward place for UK & EU visitors. Furthermore, UK visitors can use exactly the same electrical plugs as at home and the current is approximately 230v. Whilst it is sensible to check whether travel vaccinations are advised in your country prior to travel, in many cases vaccinations are not ‘normal’ requirements.

UK drivers planning to hire a car will be pleased to learn everyone drives on the left and the road signs are in English. Soon after you arrive, you will begin to see why this country is often chosen over other European or Asian winter sun destinations. These islands still offer a great selection of beaches which are not spoilt by the waves of litter and debris which sadly spoil so many other modern holiday resorts worldwide.

Beach Holidays With A Twist

Of course the idea of a winter sun break is likely to make us all think of unfurling the towel on the beach, but of course, there are so many different way which modern travellers like to their spend precious time off.

For those who lean towards culture and the arts, Malta holidays will never disappoint. You will find a class of visitor attractions which are simply not found anywhere else in the world. For example, you should not miss a visit to some of the oldest heritage sites on the earth today. You can also take in some superb museums, plus the acclaimed historic and contemporary arts, theatre and music .

The winter temperatures will suit you perfectly if your ideal holiday involves taking part in sports. Without a stiflingly hot day time temperature, you can comfortably focus on your horse riding, or the famous water sports, or the equally famous diving opportunities and more. All sports activities are of course framed by the stunning landscape, providing a truly relaxing get away from the darkness and cold of our typical UK winter-time. Whether or not you’ve put in a full day taking part in the many sports on offer, do take the time out to pamper yourself in one the island’s superb quality spas.

Finally, Christmas is a particularly treasured national celebration involving plenty of brightly coloured decorations and lights. You’ll also be able to find plenty of better quality restaurants serving the ‘traditional Christmas dinner’ of roast vegetables, roast turkey and of course Christmas pudding for desert.

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