San Antonio Car Auctions – The Biggest Car Auction Event For San Antonio Used Cars

If you’ve long wanted to get an automobile but you’re unsure about where to get them, then your best bet is to join the San Antonio auto auctions. Getting used vehicles is a great alternative since you don’t have to spend a fortune getting a brand new one. Going on shopping spree is a real treat. You can find some of the nicest units with really good prices in auto auctions. You can find some of the greatest bargains at the San Antonio car auctions. They feature some of the widest variety or vehicles and can give you almost limitless options when it comes to picking a second hand car.Kansas City Auction Companies

The Texas Auctions

The San Antonio auto auction is one of biggest auctions held for classic vehicles. This auto auction is a semiannual event that is also known as the Austin Collector’s Auto Auction. They auction off classic units semiannually and give collectors a chance to own the automobile of their dreams. Thousands of vintage or classis auto enthusiasts attend these classic auto auctions from the world over. It is estimated that over 500,000 people attend the San Antonio car auctions each time they hold an event. One of the largest and leading auction firms today, the Kruse International, sponsors this auto auction.

The Kruse International

This company is one of the leading auction firms and also the largest auto auction company today. They sell more vintage automobiles than most other companies combined. The Kruse International auctions off more than 13,000 vehicles in more than 30 events and dozens of properties every year. They are known to be the first to sell a car at 1 million dollars in cash, which was a 1934 Duesenberg SJ La Grande. They continue to break records by selling vintage private automobile collections of famous people. Selling them with almost no reserve, the Kruse International has become a prominent name for people who love to collect and participate in vintage or classic car auctions.

They usually auction off different types of vehicles, apart from the vintage ones. They also sell sports vehicles, celebrity and exotic cars. They hold 30 auctions every year in several cities, including Auburn, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Dallas, and San Antonio to name a few.

Therefore, if you want to get a chance to enjoy vintage cars, then drop by and attend the San Antonio car auctions, you just might find the car of your dreams.

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