The Feng Shui Considerations When Buying a Laughing Buddha Statue

Best acknowledged by his bulging out belly and always present smile, the happy Buddha extends an assortment of Feng Shui benefits for your household. Recognised by an assortment different of names including, Ho Tei, The Laughing Buddha and Happy Buddha, he is a symbol of successfulness, good fortune and inner peace.

The laughing Buddha statue is a perpetual fixture in houses all across China and you will rarely enter a Chinese eating house where a happy Buddha statue is not conspicuously on display. His plump belly is often rubbed for “good fortune” and is believed to grant wishes to those looking for prosperity. It’s considered that the larger the stomach of the Buddha, the more liberally the wish will be awarded. The cheerful image of the laughing Buddha will bestow positive energy to a room. In fact many in the Far East rub his belly whilst saying “Ooji” for good luck.

Feng Shui experts advise that locating of the Buddha in the lounge or family room has the most profit. The laughing Buddha ought to be placed towards the main doorway to the home. This is a method that channels beneficial fortune while channeling ill luck out of the door. This is also a beneficial way to allow the laughing Buddha to assimilate negative chi and radiate favourable energy. Do not put him in the toilet though unless you want to flush your riches down the pan!

Basing the laughing Buddha at your desk is also a first-class way to help alleviate stress. Let the happy Buddha remind you peacefully of our need to feel joy and encompass a spirit of contentment and happiness. Stress reduction is a key component of Feng Shui good luck sign and the arrangement of a laughing Buddha statue on the desk can offer a positive benefit for the struggling, stressed out student. Those who work at home can also delight in the dual benefit of reduced stress and gain the substance of prosperity.

Many practitioners of Feng Shui will exhibit the laughing Buddha on their dashboard of their car. Driving, particularly in heavy traffic whilst travelling travel back and forth, can be a disagreeable exercise. But by having the happy Buddha to keep company with you can – he can offer a calming solitude and assimilate negative energy.

Small business proprietors should put the laughing Buddha statue on exhibit in their reception as an omen of prosperity and good fortune. A happy Buddha statue bearing gold ingots or sat down on a batch of gold coins offers the most advantageous message of wealth and fortune for a commercial enterprise and one you will almost always see in Chinese or oriental businesses.

It’s all important to remember that Feng Shui exercises are as well best filtered through your own personal expressive style and inclination. Locating an object in your house rigorously based on the direction or advice of others, is unlikely to offer up the benefit you require. However, if you find a connection with the laughing Buddha’s enjoyable grin and jolly inclination – the Feng Shui benefit you desire is likely to be present.

Whether you address it as a laughing Buddha statue or a happy Buddha statue, the beautiful decor selection and Feng Shui products at The Buddha’s Face are sure to bring peace of mind and harmoniousness to your home.