Boots For Dogs Prevent Injury and Crash Landings

Some people don’t understand the purpose of boots for dogs. They’re dogs. They don’t need boots, they’re animals and they’re tough! In fact there are plenty of times when boots for dogs really come in handy. Here are three-

Hiking and camping: Being in the wild outdoors can be hard on a dog’s paws, especially if they’re not used to it. Rocks, thorny vegetation and biting insects are a few examples. This is especially true in extreme climates. For example, rocks in the hot desert can burn the skin on their pads. Pads split open in the wrong kind of terrain, a quick way to ruin a good hike. Boots keep their paws safe while still giving them a good grip on the terrain.

Extreme weather: Like mentioned above, the extreme heat of the desert can burn the pads of a dog’s paw. Winter is really harsh on dogs too. Just like it dries out your skin, it dries out the skin of dog pads, leaving them prone to cracking. Sharp pieces of ice hidden in soft snow and chunks of salt used to melt snow off roads can work their way between the paws’ pads, causing irritation. Dog boots can keep your dog’s feet warm, dry and safe.

Indoors: Yes, even indoors dog boots can be useful. Have you ever seen a dog slide across a tile or floor, only to be stopped by whatever large surface they hit first – your china cabinet, perhaps? Smaller dogs often can’t get traction on smooth floors and look like they’re running in place before they finally start moving. Indoor boots for dogs can help them keep their grip on slick surfaces. Older dogs with joint issues are especially appreciative of help with sure footing.

So while I agree that dogs are dogs, there is a big difference between one raised indoors and one running wild. Since indoor dogs are often not built for their surroundings, dog boots are a useful tool that owners should keep in mind.

This valuable information is provided by Sonia Singh, owner of an online big dog supplies store. She regularly blogs about big dog care tips.

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