Homemade Dog Food Recipes – The Very Best For Your Dog

You like eating home-prepared food better than canned or prepackaged food sources with added substances, additives and considerable arrangements of secret fixings, isn’t that right? Canines don’t normally get a decision, yet don’t you need the best for your pets, as well? Have you heard the expression “not good for human utilization”? Pet food naming … Read more

Raising Awareness Of Horse Welfare

Most horse owners are eager to give their pets the very best they can afford, whether it be warm and comfortable stable matting, the right horse feed, and plenty of TLC. But the World Horse Welfare charity has launched the Great British Horse Survey to raise awareness on equine care. Trustee of the charity Pippa … Read more

How To Make Using Dog Training Pads Easy

Dog owners have used dog training pads for many years. These are basically pads that have a particular smell that are used to train the dog to ‘go’ outside. The reasons owners use these pads are: Once a puppy or a dog has learned how to ‘go’ outside, this becomes a life-long behavioral change that … Read more

The UK Pet Supplies Market

It may be a Clich√© but the old saying about the UK being a nation of animal lovers would appear to be accurate at least it applies to more than 52% of households in this country, for that is the proportion of homes that own a pet. What types of pets do we own? Recent … Read more

Animal Welfare Improvements In The Live Sheep Trade And Live Cattle Trade

Australia’s live sheep export and live cattle export industries work with the Australian Government to improve the welfare of Australian livestock in key live sheep export and live cattle export markets across south east Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Livestock producers and exporters involved in exporting live sheep and live cattle from Australia … Read more

Boots For Dogs Prevent Injury And Crash Landings

Some people don’t understand the purpose of boots for dogs. They’re dogs. They don’t need boots, they’re animals and they’re tough! In fact there are plenty of times when boots for dogs really come in handy. Here are three- Hiking and camping: Being in the wild outdoors can be hard on a dog’s paws, especially if they’re … Read more

Training Your Dog To Use A Dog Crate

The first thing I hope to accomplish with this article is to let people know of the benefits of dog crates and what they are used for. Dog crates are basically a safe haven for your dog and a very good training tool for puppies or young dogs. Some people even believe that dogs are … Read more

The Benefits Of A Modern Pet House

Perhaps your dog or cat is definitely acquainted with resting on this floor. That might appear to be the fact so that you can do…until you take into account the key benefits of a modern day dog dwelling! We’regarding not really referring to a puppy property or even a kitten uncovering post. Modern day patterns … Read more