How To Make Using Dog Training Pads Easy

Dog owners have used dog training pads for many years. These are basically pads that have a particular smell that are used to train the dog to ‘go’ outside. The reasons owners use these pads are:

  • Once a puppy or a dog has learned how to ‘go’ outside, this becomes a life-long behavioral change that is hard to reverse.
  • These pads are cheap and the method is cheaper and easier than the alternatives.
  • The pads are readily available online and offline.
  • Dogs usually learn fast when using these pads.
  • The general cleanliness of your house is guaranteed, meaning your family members will not be exposed to germs.
  • Family members will not be exposed to foul smell since the pads are designed to retain smells.
  • These pads can be used in the car, thereby making it easier for you to travel with your dog.
  • The pads can be used by dogs as beds.

Although using these pads is easier than alternatives such as using training creates, you should note that you will not have overnight results. If you do not know how to use these pads, you will end up spending a lot of time, money and energy and you may even fail to get the desired results. You therefore need to know how make using dog training padseasy for the dogs and for you. To do this:

1) Do not let the dog or the puppy get used to ‘going’ in the house. It will be much harder to house train the dog using a pad if it has already picked a spot. You should therefore purchase a training pad as early as possible.

2) Know the procedure of training your dog using these pads. The best place to get the procedure is from people who have successfully house trained their dog. You can also go online and view blogs and other publications on the procedures. Most people agree the first step is establishing where the dog likes to ‘go’ and the other general steps are moving the pad to this spot, moving the pad closer to the door as time passes, moving the pad outside, and finally withdrawing the pad.

3) Know your dog well. Different dogs have different habits, abilities, and weaknesses. You should know what these are so that you can incorporate them in the training. You should be patient with the dog and you should avoid negative reinforcement techniques such as beating since this will only make the dog confused. Consider positive reinforcement techniques such as giving treats when the dog ‘goes’ on the training pad.

4) Know your dog’s pattern of relieving itself. This way, you will be able to pick it up when it is about to ‘go’ and to place it one the pad for the first few days or weeks. The dog will then accept the pad as the place it is supposed to ‘go’.

5) Be consistent. If you keep on changing the location of the pad, the dog will be confused and you will not get the desired result. You should also be consistent on the smell of the dog training pads and on the treats you give as reward.

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